BoardPaq pricing

BoardPaq Pricing Plans 2022

BoardPaq has a convenient file system with links documents to tasks and searches. You no longer need to dig through all the files on your computer – the desired document will be under the corresponding task.

How Much Does It Cost to Work with the BoardPaq

The BoardPaq pricing varies depending on industry type and the number of users. Starting from $39.00/month. $9/user/month for additional users. Save 10% with annual payments. You no longer have to deal with your daily routine. Set tasks in BoardPaq for repetition on specific days and times. For example, you can set a task to generate a report at the end of each month.

The BoardPaq pricing supports the maintenance of the staffing table of organizations with the ability to specify different types of tariff rates, an arbitrary number of allowances, and additional information about staff units. According to the staffing table, all necessary reporting is generated. As soon as something happens in the project, you will receive a notification in the browser, email, or Telegram. Set up a daily morning digest to get the latest news from your team before the day starts.

All communication about the task with the BoardPaq takes place in the task itself. This is a group chat that contains the entire history of task changes: who was appointed responsible, why the deadline was postponed, what the client wrote and what the manager answered. As multilateral markets, online platforms benefit from both direct and indirect networking effects, so economies of scale benefit both buyers and sellers. Buyers usually benefit from more sellers, assuming that there is an increase in the volume and/or a variety of goods for sale. Similarly, sellers benefit from a large number of potential buyers.

Important Things to Know About BoardPaq App

Review your projects and processes from a bird’s eye view with the Panel to guide your work and anticipate potential problems with the BoardPaq App. Visualize key metrics, such as completion dates, assigned cards, and cards on a single list, to ensure consistency and confidence in all stakeholders. It should be noted that these procedures must be performed in a timely manner, in order to reflect the control process.

Organize the processes your team is working on with a spreadsheet in BoardPaq App. Add, sort, and filter cards from the team board in the Spreadsheet to focus on what’s important, from projects and planned tasks within the company to processes across multiple projects. Monitoring the content of the project involves the development of complete information of works; preservation of reporting documents; analysis of initial data; conducting analytical meetings; adjustment of the plan.

Wherever you are, the BoardPaq App view lets you view location data on an interactive map. You can safely pave the way to real estate, plan events or organize fieldwork – “Map” will make sure that your team does not get lost:

  • Involves the storage of not only personal data of employees of the enterprise but also official information.
  • The latter includes the unit where the employee is registered, his position, office phones, and other contact information.
  • The promotion of an employee at the enterprise is also recorded: hiring, official travel, vacations, and business trips up to and including dismissal.
  • To analyze the personnel composition of the enterprise, various reports are built based on the accumulated information about employees. Among them are lists of employees of the organization, the movement of the personnel of the organization, statistics of the personnel of the organization, etc.